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Storytelling has been a vital part of all cultures and communications since time began. A good story and a gifted storyteller, beats any special effect. Your ability to see pictures in your mind is more powerful than any externally created graphic. Stories engage you in the flow and objectives of the presentation.

These stories, along with many not posted here, are so popular because they entertain while educating. People remember them because they anchor a learning point.

Funny stories bring down people's barriers, making them more open to new ideas.

Poignant, heart felt stories reverberate because we have all had similar experiences.

Serious stories with specific points to give people guideposts from which to grow and learn.

I have shared these stories with audiences around the globe. They translate and have meaning to people of all walks of life and in every kind of organization.

I hope you enjoy them. Let me know your favorites!


Sheila's Demo Video:

(6:49)  View a collage of Sheila's recent speaking engagements: Leadership, Change, Customer Service.

Sheila's Most Requested and Famous Story: Frank the Cab Driver:

(5:26)  Attention to detail, accountability and "Knock Your Socks Off Service" are the keys to personal and organizational success.

Engaging Your Audience, Having Fun and Getting Results:

(0:49)  You can count on Sheila to be part of your team by interacting with your participants for the results you want.

The Five F's of Successful 21st Century Leadership:

(1:14)  A change master leader has a laser focus on being fast, focused, flexible, fluid and futurized.

Trust and Integrity Come From Leading by Example:

(1:39)  People will follow you through fire when you "walk your talk". The more your words and actions match, the more trust and integrity you build.

Funny Customer Service Story:

(3:26)  Your ability to give world-class service takes a major step forward when you ask; "How do I make it easy to do business with me?"

The Power of Leading with Praise:

(2:21)  Praise builds both competence and confidence, giving people the ability to grow and achieve. Each day ask; who can I praise today?

Finding the Humor in Change:

(1:16)  A sense of humor helps everyone handle change better. Humor helps keep it all in balance.

Commitment to Family and Personal Values:

(7:33)  Sheila's famous Daddy story. Commitment is the bottom line of business and key to a happy life. Don't put off the things that are important to you in your relationships with others.

Putting It All Together:

(54:07)  To see how Sheila brings content and stories and examples together for the results you want, view this full presentation.