Sheila Murray Bethel, PhD [ full bio ]

Best Selling Author, Global Leadership Expert, Hall of Fame Speaker, CEO Bethel Leadership Institute

Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel has helped organizations, leaders and people around the world answer these questions and she will do the same for you:

Together you will take a fresh look at your tried and true concepts, put them through a new filter, then update and align them with your current challenges and opportunities. Her messages are timely, relevant, and grounded in current realities – real world content for real world results.[ more ... ]

Sheila Murray Bethel's Expertise:

Her presentations immediately engage your audience with an entertaining, authoritative and inviting style that encourages learning and growth. She lays out clear guidelines and essential tools needed to be an effective leader, change master, customer service team and a person who can withstand tough times. She helps people discover their strengths and improve their weaknesses. A master storyteller, Sheila weaves real life examples into each learning point. Audiences quickly grasp the important elements of how to define what works for their organization and for themselves personally. Her focus is on how to develop and enhance your individual and organization's leaders; how to attract, retain, engage good people and inspire them to excel and find meaning in both work and life; how to build engaged dynamic teams in an era of unprecedented transformation.


• Inspirational Leadership Makes The Difference!

Have you ever wondered why people will walk through fire for some leaders or follow them anywhere just to see where the heck they are going? What sets these leaders apart? What gives them that special competitive edge? The answer is that they have developed the ability to inspire others to do and be their best.[ more ... ]

• Leadership Team Building In A Diverse

Is your organization using all the team-building tools available to chart a course for the future you want? More than any other leadership quality, the art of team building encompasses all of your other talents. It is the catalyst to all you want to accomplish. Times have changed and so has the concept of team building.[ more ... ]

• Unforgettable Customer Service Begins With
Great Leadership

What can you learn by examining the shared values and practices of world-class service organizations. Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel has given keynote presentations and conducted seminars for some of the finest service organizations in the world. She carefully explores the compelling evidence of their clear understanding of their reasons for being and their belief in a people-first leadership style.[ more ... ]

Books by Dr. Bethel

Dr. Bethel's latest book A New Breed of Leader, 8 Leadership Qualities that Matter Most in the Real world, What Works, What Doesn't and Why, (Putnam/Berkley) is praised for its timeliness, "... uniquely in tune with our era of change ... right book, right time." It draws on fifteen years of research and work with her global corporate clients, governments and education systems. She defines the eight qualities leaders need to implement to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. This indispensible book is your roadmap to becoming the best leader you can be for yourself and your organization. Publication in China is September 2010.

Making A Difference, 12 Qualities that Make You A Leader (Putnam/Berkley)[ more ... ]

Reflections on Leadership: How Robert K. Greenleaf's Theory of Servant Leadership Influenced Today's Top Management Thinkers (Wyle)[ more ... ]